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We reach out our arms like a squid, to make sure you find a suitable tutor instantly!

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With Squido, you can have it both ways: Find a tutor within minutes when you need help, or help a student in need to earn money. Both at a most reasonable price.


Instead of travelling without getting paid, the tutor spends his time teaching. He earns more and you spend less.

Premium quality learning

Every tutor is rated based on his performance - you only get the best!


It doesn't get any more spontaneous than this. Just pull out your smartphone and find a teacher near you.


Need help with maths? Learn spanish maybe? Whatever it is, you'll find it with Squido.

A: Squido is an App, which enables you to quickly find a tutor close to you who can teach you the subject of your choice whenever you're in a hurry and need help right immediately (no appointments for in two weeks).
A: Squido was developed with university students and gymnasium students in mind. Gymnasium preparation courses are planned. You can choose between finding a tutor or teaching as a tutor.
A: You only have to pay the tutor, based on his hourly rate. Squido is completely free. As tutor you will get the full amount owed to you.
A: Currently you can only pay in cash. We are planning a payment method via app for the future.
A: This is up to the student to decide. The minimum is 5 minutes.
A: Available tutors are listed. You chose the tutor. You're not tied to a tutor and can choose a different one every time.
A: Tutors can be rated after every tutoring, community rating is one of the most effective ways to ensure quality. While the network is still small, tutors will be checked manually by Squido.
A: Squido tries to find a tutor in your vicinity who is able to teach your desired subject. In case no tutors match, try again in 10 minutes or change your location.
A: Not a single one. This is completely up to you as a tutor.
A: Squido keeps improving, please suggest your subject and provide us with the name of your school/university, your semster and your study course (for university or university of applied sciences).
A: In case this happens, please contact us. We'll contact him and mark this in his profile if necessary.
A: This should not happen since we have the problem description in place. Please pay him his rate but bring it up in the rating comment.
A: If you already sent the confirmation, pay CHF 5.- to your tutor.
A: Please tell us should any problems arise. We'll help solving it and we'll come by in person if necesary and possible.
A: As a tutor you're not liable for the student not understanding the problem. You can tell him from the start if it's not enough time, thus the student can still decide himself whether to take lessons or not. However, you're always advised to try your best as your future tutorings depend on you doing a good job.
A: Via Email: or via phone: +41 79 618 42 80 (Mon-Fri 8:00 - 21:00, Sat-Sun 14:00 - 19:00)